Today marks Week 12, Day 6 of my pregnancy, which – depending on which books you read – is either the end of the first trimester or a week before the end of the first trimester. At any rate, my chance of miscarriage is now pretty slim, though that doesn’t seem to stop my near-constant […]

At the beginning of the year, I reflected on 2013 and made some goals (resolutions) for 2014. At that point, my final goal – to grow our family – was ¬†already kind of-sort of under way. We actually decided last October that we were ready to have kids, but felt it would be better to […]

So 2013 wasn’t my year of blogging. I only managed 4 posts. Instead, I was busy living (and very much enjoying) life. Last night, we pushed through the jet lag (we only landed back from London on the 30th) and spent the evening with some of our favorite friends. It was nice to have a […]

So. It’s been a solid 2+ months since I last blogged. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown, but mostly I can’t believe how much has happened. The abbreviated version is: I became a working girl, we’re building a house, and we bought another car. Oh, and we’re headed to Mexico again this year. […]

Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday, but I love it. Mr. O and I are suckers for romance year round, and I see no harm in an extra day for celebrating how lucky we are to have one another. Maybe our continual shared growth is what makes me enjoy Valentine’s Day more and more each […]

Well hello, February! Posting sure has slowed down now that we aren’t making big visual changes to the apartment! And by “slowed down”, I being euphemistic about not blogging since New Years. Oops. Yesterday marked 6 months since our arrival in San Diego. Time sure does fly. It also seems like life has totally transformed […]

Happy New Year! Mark and I originally planned to stay in for NYE after hosting Christmas and my parents during their week-long visit. Yesterday morning, however, we decided to give my dish cleaning hands a rest and go out to eat, so Mark booked a table at Melting Pot. Having a 9:30 dinner reservation made […]