Love For My Valentine

Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday, but I love it. Mr. O and I are suckers for romance year round, and I see no harm in an extra day for celebrating how lucky we are to have one another. Maybe our continual shared growth is what makes me enjoy Valentine’s Day more and more each year. Every year, our sentiments are more meaningful and our celebrations are more centered around quality time than commercialism. This year, I’m out of town for the holiday (not the first time we’ve spent it apart, having lived on different continents for 18 months). Still, before I left town, we exchanged cards (including an adorable homemade card, which scored the hubby bonus cuteness points), and when I get home, we’ll go out for a nice meal (and by nice, I mean delicious. We are headed to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place, so it won’t be pricey by any means). 

I’m so thankful for the partner I have found in Mark. We share so many values, goals, ideas, and – most of all – a lot of laughter. I know not everyone has the kind of open, honest, collaborative, fun relationship we have, and I really value it. Admittedly, I sometimes get caught up in “improving” insignificant details (I’ve never been one to settle for “great” when I consider “perfect” even remotely attainable), but not a day goes by that Mark doesn’t bring love and laughter to my life. So often, I am flattered by his obvious adoration of me – telling me how beautiful he finds me, seeking my thoughts and support in many areas of life, genuinely wanting to spend endless amounts of time together – I wouldn’t want to live life any other way. He is appreciative of everything I do, supportive of everything I want, and always a perfect partner for adventure. On top of that, I really (really, really, really) like the guy, and we are just plain compatible. 

It’s a cliche idea, but real love is a feeling unlike any other. It’s one that makes me smile and feel peaceful and complete every time I think about it. Each day brings so much happiness, that I wake up every. single. day. wanting to be the best wife I can be. I want Mark to feel the same love, support, respect, and adoration he shows me. I want to be a great partner to him, because he is a wonderful man and a great partner to me. 

This new chapter of our lives has truly enriched our relationship. I am excited to see where the coming years lead. I know some will be more difficult than others, but I also know the tough times will be more manageable with Mark’s unconditional love. If that notion isn’t worth its own holiday, I’m not sure what is.


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