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Sometimes I think (and write) about how unproductive and lazy I can be with this new life. And then other times, I feel like I am actually getting stuff done. Today is one of those days. (I think the secret is in both writing AND doing my daily “to do’ list. Who knew?)

Sometimes I forget my life isn’t about office hours anymore. That’s meant to be the beauty of this stay-at-home-wife/semi-retired/self-employed thing, right? It’s hard to remember when your hubby is still doing a 9-5 (well, 9-5:30 or 6) though. You forget that when he’s home, you’re still doing stuff, and you therefore don’t need to do stuff all the hours he’s at work. I think this might need to go on a post-it note on my message board. 

Anywho… lately I’ve been a bit of a busy bee. BUT! A busy bee in a pretty enjoyable way! After my little election rant, a friend from London arrived for a week’s stay. His visit meant I spent 7 days playing hostess, chef, chauffer and tour guide. (all roles I enjoyed, except tour guide – if someone is on vacation, I’d rather they set an agenda for themselves than to have me work up a schedule. It’s just easier that way and doesn’t rely on my creativity. Hint: creativity is not one of my assets). At any rate, I also got to spend 7 days enjoying San Diego. We visited some places I’d been before (Temecula, La Jolla Shores & Cove, Pacific Beach) but also places Mark and I hadn’t seen yet (Coronado, Ocean Beach, Balboa Park). Incidentally, our visitor’s trip coincided with San Diego Beer Week, so he and Mr O spent some time over the weekend sampling lots of beer. We may have also done some cupcake sampling, too. Call it a little treat for the Designated Driver. 

After our houseguest returned home, I spent Thursday catching up on life admin – washing & ironing the linens from the guest room, grocery shopping, updating finances, and the like. (okay, I also bought and started watching the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. #guiltypleasures).

Friday morning, I put my chauffer hat back on to escort Mark to and from the oral surgeon’s office. He had all 4 of his (impacted) wisdom teeth removed. The procedure was fairly quick, giving me just enough time to tuck into the preface of a new book before taking on the role of dental nurse (does that even exist?). Under general anesthesia he was a little, er… ‘foggy’ and I was paranoid he’d end up puking in the car en route home. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and I left him in bed to rest and regain full consciousness while I walked down to the pharmacy to fill his painkiller prescription. 

After a couple hours, we’d done several rounds of icing his face (I say ‘icing’, but really I mean ‘frozen vegetable-ing’), switched out gauze repeatedly until the initial bleeding stopped, he’d finally been eaten (well, drunk) something, the general anesthesia fully wore off, and he was feeling surprisingly well. Admittedly he continued taking painkillers and icing his face for the rest of the day while we hung out and watched back episodes of Law & Order: SVU, but his recovery seemed pretty quick and easy. On Saturday, he only needed a single ibuprofen and was otherwise pain-free. 

Food-wise, we obviously sticking to liquids. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing a variety of nutrient-dense smoothies (my favorite was romaine, kale, apple, pineapple and ginger) and cooking my favorite soups (tomato, carrot & ginger, and broccoli & cheddar). Today, he’s progressed onto slightly more solid foods, including his usual porridge, eggs & coffee for breakfast and my favorite lentil recipe for lunch. Yum. We’re back to liquids tonight with tom kha, because we are both suckers for Thai food. We’re probably eating many multiples of the recommended daily minimum of veggies, and everything I’ve cooked except the broccoli cheddar soup has been vegan friendly. Being a vegan wouldn’t be quite so terrible after all. (I still love steak, seafood and cheese too much to actually do so full time)

To avoid cabin fever, we went out Saturday morning to watch Argo (really good!), celebrate the holiday season with buy-one-get-one-free Eggnog lattes, and buy Christmas decorations. We gave all of our old decorations to Mark’s parents rather than shipping them here and didn’t want to get stuck in Christmas chaos this weekend, so we bought our tree, ornaments and a few other decorations early. We return from Thanksgiving in Reno Friday night and plan to decorate, listen to Christmas tunes and sip apple cider this weekend. #festivefun

In addition to movies and Christmas shopping, we went bowling Sunday evening. We recently joined a couple of meetup groups to try new things and meet new people. Both events we’ve attended so far have been a lot of fun. In particular, we really enjoyed meeting other 20- & 30-something couples for some good, wholesome fun last night. 

Today, I finally started a few tasks left on the house decorating list, although all of them are more ‘in progress’ than ‘complete’.

Re-hung entryway frame collection and patched and painted the old holes (some of the pictures & inserts need to be replaced. I might also get a couple more frames for the top to break up the straight/square line. And yes, I some of them need leveling)Image

Hung a clock next to the sliding glass doors (I think the scale is off and this needs to be replaced with something larger and might need something on the floor below, too)


Hung the picture ledge that arrived from Pottery Barn last week in the guest bedroom (the frames & photos temporary; again, the scale is off. I need to pick up some larger black frames rather than these little guys that hung in our London bathroom. I also want colorful rather than black & white inserts)


In addition to completing those tasks, I’m also yet to find artwork for above the sofa (this took for-ev-er in London and so far, the only thing I like is a little too similar to the artwork hanging in the kitchen), buying a couple more plants for the living room and balcony, finding a globe for the top of the large bookcase, finding & hanging something for the wall between the bookcase & tv, and deciding whether and where to buy & hang a full length mirror (so I can stop standing on our bathroom counter when I need to see a complete outfit). I’m in two minds whether or not anything will get finished this year, considering we are in Reno most of this week, I’m visiting a friend in Tulsa next week and shopping in December is rarely a sensible idea. Thankfully, daytime shopping during the week is less chaotic and the internet is never too busy, so there is still hope we’ll be done before Christmas. 


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  1. […] This month, we held a small celebration for my brother’s 40th birthday, hosted a friend from England for a week, survived on liquids for several days while Mark recovered from wisdom teeth removal, spent Thanksgiving with family in Reno (and had the trip extended slightly due to fog), went to our first ever Meetup events, bought & put up Christmas decorations, and spent the last few days out of town (me, visiting a friend in Tulsa, OK and Mark on a business trip to Miami). All dietary routine has been thrown far, far out the window. Sleep patterns have been patchy and inconsistent. Quality couple time has been sparse. It’s been reminiscent of our summer travels and relocation period – lots of fun, but taxing (especially since our life routine in San Diego is still so new and not fully developed). […]

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