Why not to rely on Sky News for tech advice‏

My love for technology – ok, specifically Apple – is already pretty well known (and documented). I figured sharing my thoughts (an email sent to one of my favorite geeky friends) on an “anti-Apple” sensationalist article was fair game. Much as I hate to add another link to said fluff piece, I’d rather have as many links highlighting the shortcomings of the article as there are Tweeting its praises.

So. This might get me branded as an Apple fangirl (in case I wasn’t already?), but this article is kind of ridiculous. http://www.businessinsider.com/dear-apple-im-leaving-you-2012-11

I’m not saying there aren’t valid points. I personally haven’t been affected by issues with iOS Maps (and, in fact, have found it more accurate location-wise when looking for a nearby Starbucks, etc, than Bing Maps on Mark’s phone), iTunes Match (I don’t actually use this at all anyway, but I also have enough storage to fit my entire music library rather than worrying about having an entire album rather than individual song), or the new connector (aside from buying an extra cable for charging in the car, my only accessories are Bluetooth types; I do wish they’d have gone to a universal connector so we could have a single cable for Kindles, Mark’s phone and my iPhone). I appreciateother people have had those issues though, and believe they’re valid reasons to be disappointed with iOS6 and/or iPhone 5.
What I find ridiculous, however, is complaining about the addition of an SD drive (?!) and lack of coolness because his Mom uses the same laptop? Buying a machine based on perceived coolness by other people is a bad decision, reeking of stupidity and insecurity. Buying based on build quality, how well it meets your needs, tech specs and even aesthetics – fine. In reality, most Moms who buy Macs are probably overpaying for specs beyond what they need, but do so because of the ease of use and build quality – which are both still solid for most average (and advanced) users. I know plenty of people who buy Macs to run Windows, and after helping my sister set up two pretty top of the line (Win 7) laptops last week – I can see why. I wouldn’t say I personally have any preference for Windows v. OS X, but the OBE is far superior when you can plug something in and it works quickly than figuring out why your new i5 laptop is running at a snail’s pace, and realizing it’s all the antivirus and ‘premium’ audio crap installed ‘for you’ by Dell.

He also references the lack of coolness in advertising, comparing a 1984 advert to a modern one… despite not having started his ‘relationship’ with Apple until 1999. I’d venture to guess the 1984 advert had precisely ZERO impact on that buying decision, and that justification is crowbarred in – badly.

What I find most silly about an article titled “Dear Apple: I’m Leaving You” is that he’s not. He’s leaving iPhone. He freely admits to keeping his iPad and his MacBook Air (apparently his personal affront at an SD addition and his Mom using the same machine isn’t *so* bad that he’d actually get rid of said machine). I’d guess he’s not gotten rid of his AppleTV either, since it’s not mentioned specificaly. The article really should be “Dear iPhone: I’m Leaving You”. Of course, that probably would’ve gained fewer readers, because several similar articles have come out in the wake of new Win Phones and Androids.


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