Monthly Archives: November 2012

Giving Thanks

Here we are, with another month passed. November went by in a flurry of busyness, but with so much going on, October feels like a lifetime ago. This month, we held a small celebration for my brother’s 40th birthday, hosted a friend from England for a week, survived on liquids for several days while Mark […]

Life Lately

Sometimes I think (and write) about how unproductive and lazy I can be with this new life. And then other times, I feel like I am actually getting stuff done. Today is one of those days. (I think the secret is in both writing AND doing my daily “to do’ list. Who knew?) Sometimes I […]

Election Reflection

Finally, election season is over! Since arriving in August, we’ve been bombarded with political ads, articles and rants. I know the US is pretty vocal about politics, but it gets especially bad in the lead up to an election – particularly a presidential election. My selected candidate won (GObama!), which I was obviously excited about, […]

Becoming an Alien

It’s been nearly a year since Mark and I decided to relocate to the US. That’s right – in less than a year, we went from happily living in London to applying for (and receiving) a permanent resident visa, selling our home, quitting our jobs, spending several weeks travelling, finding an apartment and settling in. […]

Why not to rely on Sky News for tech advice‏

My love for technology – ok, specifically Apple – is already pretty well known (and documented). I figured sharing my thoughts (an email sent to one of my favorite geeky friends) on an “anti-Apple” sensationalist article was fair game. Much as I hate to add another link to said fluff piece, I’d rather have as […]