Welcome Home

Yesterday, 85 days after leaving the London flat, our UK belongings were back in our possession!

The crew arrived at 11:50. Both guys were really nice, kindly wiped their feet each time they entered the apartment, were careful with our boxes and happily placed them in their assigned rooms. There was no visible damage, but I worried about crushing or breakage inside the boxes with such a long journey. Thankfully, however, everything was accounted for and perfectly intact. The only marginal exceptions were a small tear in one of the vinyl box set’s shrink wrap and a slightly bent photo – both of which were our fault due to the way they were placed in their respective boxes.

Unpacking was surprisingly quick, taking less than 2 hours (to be fair, packing didn’t take too long either). I started with the boxes Mr. O was most worried about – his Oasis collection, vinyls, CDs and guitar. After unpacking them, I sent a text and photo to show they were fine so he could relax, and got on with the rest of the boxes.

 The bookshelves are no longer empty, which is great. Before the accent chairs arrived last week, the far end of the living room looked sad and empty, but doesn’t look neglected anymore.

I tried to put everything in its target location as I unpacked, but when it came to the 3 boxes of clothes, I just piled them on the bed initially. We’ve always been pretty clutter free, and pared down even more before the move. Still, unpacking yesterday, I couldn’t believe all the clothes we’d easily gone without for the last 12 weeks. Some things, like extra t-shirts and jeans, will join our current clothing rotation, but our winter clothes (including several sweaters, coats and scarves) and my office attire will likely gather dust and not see the light of day for a long time. I’m not really a ‘shoe girl’. Still, seeing them all stacked up in one place, I was surprised how many shoes we own between us- spare gym shoes, hiking boots, rain boots, my heels, Mark’s Adidas sneakers… Again, I’m not really sure when most of them will be worn considering last weekend was the first time I’d not worn anything other than flip flops since arriving in San Diego! Needless to say, a shoe rack has become mandatory and is on this weekend’s to do list.

Unpacking, I noticed how small everything all looked. Funny how that happens when you increase your square footage by at least 60% and add another foot or two of ceiling height! The artwork we previously planned to hang above each of the beds is unfortunately too small, so wil be hung elsewhere in each of the rooms.

Canvas cityscape print in the master bedroom (now to be hung vertically next to the patio door).

Abstract lacquer print in the guest room (now to be hung on the wall next to the closet door).

The frame collection previously above our sofa is also too small to be re-hung above the larger sofa here, so it’ll be re-purposed elsewhere. Once we’ve handled the closet organization situation, I’ll be starting an artwork finding mission to fill the voids. A couple items did fit where expected, so we hung them before settling in for an hour to watch Grey’s air live (well, at least on its regular Pacific Time schedule) for the first time ever!

Abbey Road canvas (which is actually a message board I found in Target 6 years ago) between the entryway and kitchen:

Play-and-Display vinyl holders above Mark’s guitars (one of which was bought here, the other was shipped). Of course, we are displaying our collective 4 favorite albums of all time (in no particular order, I assure you, otherwise Wish You Were Here would have been first, obviously!).



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