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It’s only just after lunchtime on Tuesday, but the last few days have been such a whirlwind, I thought it was already Wednesday!

Since nearing completion on the home decorating front, I’ve been able to spend less time driving and more time doing. Last Thursday, between when Mark left for work and when I posted the September progress pictures, I scrubbed the apartment top to botton (including cleaning the kitchen floor literally on my hands and knees; I find it’s far more effective, especially in corners, compared to plain ole mopping), ironed the guest room linens, worked out, showered, gave myself a mani/pedi, packed for my weekend away and took and edited photos. It was probably my busiest at-home day since move-in week.

Bonus: After Mr. O dropped me at the airport, he returned home to find our chairs had arrived from West Elm! They wrote us a week before saying the ETA was November 5th, so we were both surprised and excited they arrived over a month ahead of schedule!

The private lending seminar was busy, busy. When I landed, my Mum and I spent a couple hours over dinner catching up (which was awesome, since I’d not seen her since Christmas in New Zealand), but the next 3 days were full-day sessions (8:30 am – 5:30 or 6pm) with just a couple short breaks and then networking/meet-and-greets all evening (until 11 o’clock both nights!). Thankfully the material and the people were both really interesting; even though my brain was on overdrive, I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, we’ll be going to another, more advanced seminar with some of the same folks in a few weeks. It’s really fun to be engaging my brain again (something, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t have to do much during my last year in England! Input, refresh, export, repeat), to be re-visiting my knowledge and experience from growing up and working in the real estate industry, and to be collaborating with my Mum again.

While I was away, Mark also had a productive weekend. His friend James flew down from Redmond. They spent the weekend – branded as Geek Weekend 2012 (GW2012) – coding on their Windows Phone app project. When I got home Sunday night, we were both totally buzzing, spent a couple hours filling each other in on the details and couldn’t sleep until almost midnight!

After 3 solid days of learning and limited sleep, I probably should have given myself a brain break. However, yesterday was the 1st, which meant updating all our financial data (downloading and reconciling accounts, reviewing spending, updating net worth statements, etc), which is one of my absolute favorite things to do (yes, really). Our US health insurance coverage also kicked in yesterday, so I spent a few hours researching local dentists and doctors. Wasting no time, I scheduled a flu shot and medical check-up today and dental exam in 3 weeks. I need to go back to the doctor for my blood work (you’ve got to be fasted for a cholesterol test), but otherwise have a clean bill of health! (which is great, especially since I spent the last 6 weeks secretly paranoid about some unforeseen health scare arising and causing financial stress while we were uninsured)

While crunching numbers and looking for doctors yesterday, I received a call from our shipment’s local receivers (coincidentally, I tried calling them earlier in the day to check the shipment’s status). After arriving around the 17th, our goods had cleared customs and were ready to be returned to us! The delivery is scheduled for Thursday, so the end of the week will likely be consumed with unpacking and hanging artwork. Even though we only shipped about 50 cubic feet of stuff (nearly half of which is music-related), it’ll be great to have all our stuff back, filling our bookshelves, closets and walls, and integrating with our new purchases. Mark also can’t wait to check the Oasis collection (including his Epiphone Supernova) is safe and to have it back in his possession 🙂 … now we just need Apple to release their new iMacs so we can have a desktop computer and stop sharing the laptop!


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