Monthly Archives: October 2012

Failing at Freedom

Today I’m feeling… overwhelmed? Lazy? I don’t know… but I’m in a weird mental space anyway. After a great, romantic weekend in wine country (part of our 3 year wedding anniversary celebrations), I’m feeling oddly stressed and out of sorts. I think it all goes back to my need to find balance and structure, which […]

When Gadgets and Spreadsheets Collide

Mark and I discovered early on just how complex and expensive cell phones can be in the US. Because we already owned carrier unlocked smartphones, we went with Straight Talk, an MVNO running on AT&T’s network. Straight Talk offers unlimited talk, text and data (technically your data is capped at 2GB/month) for $45/month/line. This definitely […]

Weekend Recap

This weekend felt so, so… normal. I don’t know if it’s having been here for 8-ish weeks, our shipment arriving, having gone on a long-ish walk or what, but this wekend reminded me of normal life. Having done so much travelling, packing and settling, life has felt a little crazy and unsettled (in a good […]

Welcome Home

Yesterday, 85 days after leaving the London flat, our UK belongings were back in our possession! The crew arrived at 11:50. Both guys were really nice, kindly wiped their feet each time they entered the apartment, were careful with our boxes and happily placed them in their assigned rooms. There was no visible damage, but […]

Productivity and Life Admin

It’s only just after lunchtime on Tuesday, but the last few days have been such a whirlwind, I thought it was already Wednesday! Since nearing completion on the home decorating front, I’ve been able to spend less time driving and more time doing. Last Thursday, between when Mark left for work and when I posted […]