Paint! (and First Guests)

The painters are here! I’m trying to avoid staring at them the whole time they work, in case they confuse my impatience and excitement for stalking and mistrust. They’ve already finished the first coat on the kitchen and living room though, and are moving into the bedroom as I type. Weee!!! We did all the painting in the London flat ourselves, so it’s neat being a visual bystander while all the work gets done. Here are a few cheeky pics I snapped of the progress.

After selecting colors and paying the management office Friday, I was told Gary, the head maintenance guy, would be in touch to schedule the work. We played a little phone tag Saturday morning, but he stopped by Saturday afternoon just before Mark and I were heading out to run errands. We expected to wait until next week to have anything done, especially considering we had guests staying Sunday – Tuesday and Mark will have a friend here this weekend while I’m in the Bay Area with Mumma O’C. With us needing to move furniture, Wednesday was really the only option this week, and we didn’t anticipate being able to specify such a narrow range of options. Lo-and-behold, more than 1 day’s notice is considered ‘a lot’ to the maintenance crew, so having the work done today was no problem at all! After saying goodbye to our guests yesterday, I shifted furniture in the afternoon. Mark and I slept in the spare room, since our bed had to be completely dismantled, but we should be able to return things to their usual place either tonight or tomorrow morning before he leaves for work (I’d like to have it back in place before I leave tomorrow evening).

Speaking of guests, our first overnight hosting duties went well. Paul & Gemma said the bed was really comfy. They were able to sleep in a bit, thanks to the blackout curtain liners I added Friday night. Turns out it was a much simpler process than I expected, thanks to several yards of liner bought at a fabric store, Heat-n-Bond (no sew hemming tape; I bought the heavy duty stuff, because that’s what the folks at YHL used for their nursery) and our iron. It took a little time to align and trim the liner, especially since the area the in-seam area of the panels was a little narrower than standard fabric width, but trimming and attaching both liners took a less than an hour, even for a newbie like me who went crazy aligning everything with pins and everything. So far, I’ve only ‘hemmed’ the top, which the heavy duty tape is holding in place with no problems (knock-on-wood). I might go back next week and attach the sides, too… but I might also forget or feel too lazy 🙂

Yesterday, the runners we ordered from West Elm for the front door arrived. I’m glad we ordered two, because the one we preferred, which is a light greige with a white pattern, looks odd agains tour carpet (a problem we didn’t think of when we were looking at swatches against the floor in the shop). The other one is dark brown with a similar white pattern and looks much better because of the contrast against the carpet. Unfortunately we still aren’t putting it in place just yet, because it looks odd in an otherwise bare entryway. I do like the look and idea of a runner for additional carpet protection though, and I think it’ll look better with a little key table just inside the door and once I’ve undertaken the White Frame Project (I’m intending hanging a bunch of different-sized frames on the wall just inside the door; another idea ripped off from YHL that I really liked and think is a great way to display some personal items/pictures without it feeling too intimate or attention-seeking).

**Bonus Bedroom paint pics now that they’ve almost finished the first coat**


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