Color and Texture

Happy Friday!! I may not have an office job anymore, but I still love the Friday feeling. Somehow, everything is just better on Fridays, especially since Mark passed his driving test this morning!

Even though he passed his test 13 years ago, Mark doesn’t have much driving experience. He went to University in a very pedestrian-friendly city and then moved to London, where a car is typically a useless waste of money. Since he has a foreign license, he had to take both the written and driving tests, whereas I just had to pass the written test to swap my Colorado license for its CA equivalent (the fact I also hold a UK license is irrelevant). He passed the written test 3 weeks ago, took a 2 hour driving lesson to learn the driving test route and requirements (and to have someone show him around other than me. I am a really, REALLY picky driver and get shouty and anxious, especially with a brand new car), and has been practicing with me a bit in the last few weeks. Of course, him being him, he was a little nervous even though we were both fairly confident he’d do totally fine, and he was basically flawless. I’m so proud 🙂

Last night, we ventured back to West Elm to meet with Jessica and pick up a few more items. When we first visited WE last month during our furniture shopping marathon, we weren’t in love with how modern it felt, but now that we have an apartment full of nice traditional furniture, we are really enjoying breaking it up with more unique and modern accents. When Jessica visited the apartment last Thursday, she was able to get a good feel for the space and we bounced some ideas off each other, so last night she pulled the items we were after, which included:

A piece of grapewood for the wine rack. I love the extra height to bridge the gap between the tower and the neighboring cabinets, as well as the texture it adds to an area otherwise filled with clean lines. I also love that it’s grapewood on a wine tower. Get it, grapes, wine.

A recycled glass vase collection. This vase collection was originally intended for the table, but since we’ve still got a pretty bouquet of fresh cut flowers there, we’ve put them atop our big bookcase instead. Mark is also still adapting to the look of them on the table, where we intended to put them either empty or with one or stems in each. If he doesn’t come around to the idea, we’ll leave them up here empty and either find something more ‘normal’ for the table or just buy more fresh flowers each week 🙂 (for scale, the large vae is about 13-14″ tall)

A bedroom mirror! We want 2 mirrors in our bedroom – one this size above the dresser (as it currently is) and a tall (ideally 6ft) floor mirror nestled between the patio door and my nightstand. We originally bought this mirror’s 6′ sister, hoping it would fit in the back of the Prius, but unfortunately that just wasn’t gonna happen. I liked the frame so much, I wanted to be able to see how well it worked in the room, and the smaller one was the perfect width for above our dresser, so I bought it. Now I’m in two minds whether to go ahead and hang this sucker, or to have the floor mirror delivered. We could have both, but I’m in two minds about a matching mirror set. I’ve also ordered the floor mirror from our bed set at C&B, which should come in late next week. It’s only 5’6″ though, so might not be tall enough to balance out our nice high ceilings. Also, again, I’m in two minds about matching pieces in the room together. I’ve also considered buying a bunch of cute smaller mirrors and hanging them as a collection on the wall, which isn’t an ideal way to do a full length outfit check, but would look neat.

A throw blanket for the master bed. I love, love, LOVE this blanket’s texture. WE have pillows in the same set, and I pet them pretty much every time I’m in the store. I was delighted to discover they had a throw in the same material, which was the perfect color for our bed. Mark has always loved the idea of a throw at the foot of the bed, because it makes the bed look even more comfy and inviting; I’m glad a little bit of squishy, warm goodness can make all his home decorating dreams come true.

Master bedroom curtains. I finally hung the road we bought in World Market last weekend. Of course, since I am invariably indecisive, I wanted options. In addition to the grey-blue linen set we got last weekend, we grabbed a sort of grey crinkley, shine set last night. When Mr O gets home tonight, we’ll make a final decision and hang a matching pair (something we’re yet to do in the guest room, since I’ve not resolved the blackout liner issue yet…)

We picked up a few other items – namely a throw and pillows for the guest bed – but they weren’t really right for the room and will be getting returned.

In other exciting color news, we picked paint colors! Unlike a LOT of rented accommodation, we are allowed to change our wall colors. The only down-side is that we can’t do it ourselves; we pay the rental company a per-wall fee. Most people (including both of our next door neighbors!) seem to go with the colors from the show home, but we wanted something a little more original. They use Sherwin-Williams paint, so we’ve selected:

Anonymous” – A medium-dark grey with for the big living/dining room wall. We both loved the idea of a nice deep gray to offset the browns in the room, and picked something with browny green undertones to tie in the furniture and the green accents already in the living & dining rooms.

Intellectual Gray” – a lighter medium gray for the kitchen. This is fromt he same paint chip as Anonymous, but a shade lighter. The colors will transition at the end of the cabinet where the wine rack is, so they needed to pair well together. While we could’ve gone for a bigger contrast, we liked how the living room in our London flat looked, where we used 3 colors from the same chip. I also thought the same greeny brown undertones would go well, because of the colors in the granite and additional green accents. It’s a smaller room with lots of white, which is why we picked something slightly lighter.

Software” – a medium-dark blue gray for the bedroom (I loved the name, by the way, and thought it was perfect for our combined geekiness and especially considering Mark is a software developer). Technically the wall behind our headboard is meant to be a single wall, but the office manager reckons I can talk the maintenance guys into painting the angled wall with the door to the patio, too (if I can’t, I don’t really want to pay another fee to paint that wall, too). I liked that it’s lighter and more grey than the rest of our bed and think it’ll look really soothing and rich all at the same time.

We considered painting the guest room, too, but with so much dark furniture and relatively small walls in there, it just didn’t seem as worthwhile as the living/dining and master bedroom, which have bigger walls. If we change our mind later, we can always have the painting crew come back and do an extra wall anyway.


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  1. […] After selecting colors and paying the management office Friday, I was told Gary, the head maintenance guy, would be in touch to schedule the work. We played a little phone tag Saturday morning, but he stopped by Saturday afternoon just before Mark and I were heading out to run errands. We expected to wait until next week to have anything done, especially considering we had guests staying Sunday – Tuesday and Mark will have a friend here this weekend while I’m in the Bay Area with Mumma O’C. With us needing to move furniture, Wednesday was really the only option this week, and we didn’t anticipate being able to specify such a narrow range of options. Lo-and-behold, more than 1 day’s notice is considered ‘a lot’ to the maintenance crew, so having the work done today was no problem at all! After saying goodbye to our guests yesterday, I shifted furniture in the afternoon. Mark and I slept in the spare room, since our bed had to be completely dismantled, but we should be able to return things to their usual place either tonight or tomorrow morning before he leaves for work (I’d like to have it back in place before I leave tomorrow evening). […]

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