Little Changes

In addition to the big changes, like guest bedroom changes and new furniture arrivals, a few other tweaks have been made in the last couple weeks.

Filled the wine rack (admittedly, some of the bottles are flavoring syrup and tequila rather than wine, but still) and styled it with a cute square tray and ice bucket.

Lowered the dining ‘room’ mirror a few inches (4, to be specific). I think it could be lowered another couple inches, but am trying to keep it high enough that you don’t accidentally start staring at yourself while eating dinner.

Cleared a couple pillows off the sofa. I love cushions. Lots of cushions. However, there comes a point of  impracticality when the cushions take over the furniture, and with 6 toss pillows on the sofa, I’d hit that point. Four is definitely a better fit, providing comfort and pops of color without being overwhelming. If we need even more space, we can throw a couple more in the empty storage basket.

Added another lantern to the balcony. We’re considering adding a third, hanging lantern to the corner between the other chair and love seat, where we previously considered putting an outdoor lamp.

The cushions arrived for the other patio chairs, and we added an outdoor rug. Now we can step out to our favorite evening reading spot without getting our feet dirty.


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