What a Difference a Day Makes

Considering I’ve only left the house in the last day and a half to meet friend for dinner (sushi) and to go grocery shopping, I’m so pleased with the progress.

It all started while I was cooking green chili (speaking of which, I *LOVE* having access to the much wider variety of green chili peppers here, which provide so much more depth of flavor for my Pueblo-style green chili). The OnTrac delivery man arrived with some pillow inserts (including one for the case I sewed from 2 PB napkins last weekend) and the eagerly awaited Pottery Barn stool!


I like having a convenient place to store spare towels. I also love the worn styling of the wood and how its darker tones unify it with the bedroom furniture. According to Mark it “invites you to take more towels” … With that sort of chat, I think I may officially have taken him to too many home furnishing stores 🙂

As I was finishing up the chili, C&B called to say our other lamp arrived, so Mark and I picked it up after dinner. The guest room feels more complete now, and it’s so much brighter thanks to the translucent base and cream lamp shades. I know the room is a little smaller than our bedroom, but I’d say the size and style of the lamps make it even brighter in there than ours is fully lit (nevermind the current array of pillows – it’s still a work in progress).

Today our C&B furniture order was scheduled to arrive between 11:30 and 1:30. After they turned up an hour ahead of schedule last time (delivering our master bed, desk and dining table), I ensured I home from the grocery store by 10:30. While grabbing a few kitchen essentials, I also picked up some fresh greenery to further brighten the flat. The housewarming plant (in the cutest, most appropriate vase) our friend Robin gave us sadly died last week, so I bought cala lilies to replace them.  I also brought more fresh cut flowers to replace the dying flowers in the lovely bouquet Mark sent me last week (I’m a lucky lady, what can I say!).  I picked up a mixed herb pot for the balcony, too. We’ve now got ready access to fresh mint, thyme and (what I believe is) tarragon.


Our super-early-delivery streak seems to have ended, but they did show up at 12:15. The bookcase has a lovely rustic feel to it and is perfectly-sized for the wall. When Mark gets home tonight, we’ll finalize the placement and install the anti-tilt wall-mount. The glass doors are heavy, so with no wall-mount and no contents to weigh it down, it falls forward when you open the doors. We received notification last weekend that our shipment should arrive in port on the 17th. Assuming no unexpected delays, we should be able to fill the bookcase with our vinyls, magazines, cookbooks, in early October.

The wine rack was labelled as “some assembly required”, so I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to put together (after all, the BBQ had the same claim). It was flat-packed (though with real wood rather than IKEA-style MDF), but only took about 20 minutes to assemble on my own. The directions suggested having “another adult help you put the tower upright and position it”. Obviously my weightlifting sessions are paying off, because I had positively no issue doing it on my own 🙂

Once assembled, I finally unboxed all our wine glasses (we didn’t progressed past un-packaging and washing the 3 we needed when a friend came by a couple weeks ago). The only wine in the apartment right now is a (very good – as counter-intuitive as it sounds) box of Chardonnay we bought our first week here, so it’s currently more of a wine glass tower than wine bottle tower. Thankfully, that’s an easy enough problem to solve, especially with the wine tasting trip to Temecula we booked for our anniversary next month. 🙂

Aside from decorative updates, I’ve spent plenty of time in the kitchen over the last 24 hours. In addition to the green chili I made yesterday (and can’t wait to eat for dinner tonight!), I made pico de gallo and brownies for tomorrow’s meeting with the West Elm designers. This was actually the first time I’ve ever made a full batch of brownies from scratch (I have made single-serving recipes before, but never for anyone other  than me or Mark), despite them being almost embarrassingly simple. I used this recipe from Jenna at Eat Live Run, and if the batter is anything to go by, they are de-freaking-licious. The only change I made was adding about a cup of walnuts. Ensuring neither Mark nor I do eat all the salsa and brownies before tomorrow afternoon is going to be a major willpower test.




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