Loving (and not)

Currently Loving:

– My Life. Seriously, at least once a day, every. single. day. I think to myself “I can’t believe this is my life.” How did I get so lucky? My husband, my home, my friends, my family… I am so fortunate to lead the life I do.

– Our apartment. It’s definitely not as bright as our old flat, but I really enjoy living here. I like the size – perfectly formed for 2 to live and host loved ones, I like the location, I like the on-site amenities (though I really, REALLY wish they would replace the dead lightbulbs near one of the gates already), and I really just like being here.

– Having a dishwasher. I don’t mind doing dishes (heck, I kind of like it), but I do love rinsing our dishes after any given meal, loading up the dishwasher, and having everything reappear sparkly and clean an hour later. We’re still hand washing things like the french press and our fancy knives, but everything else is done in the dish washer.

– Our patio. Eating breakfast out there is still as awesome as it was the first day we tried it. We’ve gotten cushions for the chairs outside our bedroom, too, which makes reading out there before bed awesome. The recent addition of a BBQ means we could probably live out there… except that the mosquitos seem to have come out in the last week, so I guess it’s time to buy citronella candles.

– The Bose SoundLink (our newest toy). It’s about the size of 2 coffee cups, has a cover/stand that reminds me of the iPad Smart Cover (without all the neat magnet tricks), is super portable, and sounds ah-may-zing. We contemplated holding out for the AirPlay version (which is reportedly going to be released at the end of October), but decided 1. We didn’t want to wait that long to listen to tunes outdoors; 2. All our devices work with Bluetooth (in fact, I play tunes in the Prius from my iPhone most days); and 3. We don’t know how much pricier it’ll be considering Apple’s licensing fees. Second hand versions of the SoundLink are selling for nearly the same price as newbies, so if the AirPlay version is a must-have, we’ll sell this one and upgrade.

– Sports. I have never, ever been a sports person. I’m still not a sports person. But. This has been a good summer for sport. It started when Mark and I went to Wimbledon for a day as part of our pre-London departure bucketlist. It continued watching Murray nearly win the men’s singles at Wimbledon a couple days later. Having our former home city host the Olympics helped, too. I especially love the summer Olympics, because I love swimming and gymnastics, and got to see lots of both (and both Britain and the US did brilliantly overall). Last weekend my brother won a Windows 8 Hackathon, and was awarded with cash and tickets for a Padres (our local baseball team) game. We joined him for the game and had a fun time (even if we were just socializing and snacking on hot dogs and nachos as much as we were watching baseball). Last night we watched as Murray was awarded his first Grand Slam trophy and then watched our local football team (Chargers) beat their in-state rivals. We’ll be seeing the Chargers in a couple weeks, with a former colleague and his wife. I know this sports watching stuff won’t last forever, but it’s been fun getting into the spirit.

– The possibility of doing some really awesome volunteer work in the near future. With the apartment nearly fully furnished, I’m evaluating what to do with my days (other than working out, reading and laying by the pool – rough life), and found a charity I’m excited about. On paper it sounds a lot like Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (teaching kids to grow and cook their own food), which I love and would happily donate my time for.

Currently NOT Loving:

– Getting hangovers. This is a new thing for me, and it is totally NOT awesome. It’s my own stupid fault for having too much irresponsible-style fun at happy hour with Mark’s coworkers and some other local friends, but I felt *terrible* the next day. It was a struggle to get out of bed and absolutely terrifying driving to Taco Bell (home of the reported best hangover cure food of all time – and it is). Never again.

– Assembling BBQs. Let’s just hope the steaks, skewers and ears of corn make up for all that hassle.

– Chipped nail polish. #girlproblems

– Not appreciating every purchase as much as we ordinarily would. Starting from scratch, we’ve had to buy a lot of Stuff. Furniture, kitchen utensils, linens, gadgets. Previously, these purchases were few and far between; we would carefully plan and research and spend days or weeks thinking about how awesome our new thing was. That’s happened with some of our recent acquisitions, but I’d be lying if I said we’ve given each one the love and enthusiasm it deserves. There’s just too much going on at once, and that’s a real shame. Thankfully we’ve still planned and researched all the larger purchases, and at least avoided any buyer’s remorse.

– Grocery shopping. We have 4 large grocery stores within a 1.5 mile radius. Figuring out where to shop for our needs (mostly meats and veggies, wanting decent quality – mostly organic – without spending a fortune) has been confusing and time consuming (averaging about an hour and a half per excursion; the same analysis paralysis can be said for petrol purchases). I really miss our old Waitrose.


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