Monthly Archives: September 2012

September Progress

With several changes having been made since my last full apartment progress photo post, I thought I’d take a few photos to show where we’ve gotten to having been here for 6 weeks. I don’t have time to comment on updates/to do’s for each room, because I’ve got to dash to collect Mark and have him […]

Paint! (and First Guests)

The painters are here! I’m trying to avoid staring at them the whole time they work, in case they confuse my impatience and excitement for stalking and mistrust. They’ve already finished the first coat on the kitchen and living room though, and are moving into the bedroom as I type. Weee!!! We did all the painting […]

Color and Texture

Happy Friday!! I may not have an office job anymore, but I still love the Friday feeling. Somehow, everything is just better on Fridays, especially since Mark passed his driving test this morning! Even though he passed his test 13 years ago, Mark doesn’t have much driving experience. He went to University in a very […]

Little Changes

In addition to the big changes, like guest bedroom changes and new furniture arrivals, a few other tweaks have been made in the last couple weeks. Filled the wine rack (admittedly, some of the bottles are flavoring syrup and tequila rather than wine, but still) and styled it with a cute square tray and ice bucket. Lowered the […]

Updating the Guest Room

The folks from West Elm stopped by last Thursday, putting an end to my decorative no-buy. They brought some neat ideas we hadn’t thought of (including highlighting the need for something above the kitchen sink and recommending a neat grapewood branch above the wine rack). We’ll be meeting them again at the store this Thursday […]

Bad Decisions Make Good Stories

Saturday marks a decade since one of dumbest decisions I have made in my adult life. The day I made the relationship with my high school boyfriend official. Legally. Yep, we got married, and no, I’m not talking Britney-style drunken Vegas adventures, I’m talking legit white dress, family, church – the whole 9 yards. To […]

What a Difference a Day Makes

Considering I’ve only left the house in the last day and a half to meet friend for dinner (sushi) and to go grocery shopping, I’m so pleased with the progress. It all started while I was cooking green chili (speaking of which, I *LOVE* having access to the much wider variety of green chili peppers […]