Moving In

Last Thursday, 3 weeks after leaving our flat in London for the last time, we finally moved into our new San Diego abode. Honestly, it seemed like so much longer than 3 weeks, but the calendar doesn’t lie (I’m guessing the 5 weeks we spent in and out of hotels before leaving London had something to do with feeling like we had been travelling for-ev-er).

The night before, we packed our hotel room one last time – including the random household bits we started buying for the move (laundry basket, iron, hangers and sheets). One move-in day, we woke up, packed the car, ate our complimentary hotel breakfast, checked out and drove down the road to our new home. Of course, being eager and assuming the journey would take much longer than it really does (I guess that’s what living in a big city does to you?), we were early. We spent 10 minutes patiently sitting in the car, listening to morning radio,  and then went into the leasing office, signed the last few bits of paperwork and got our keys!

It isn’t as bright as the model apartment, but it was still lovely and spacious and somewhere we could unpack. Of course, we immediately set up our wifi network (we collected our modem from Time Warner the previous day to avoid any delays, and it took about 2 minutes to plug in our modem and Airport router and have it up and running). For us geeks, a home is not a home without the internet!

Sadly for Mark, the move-in excitement ended there, as he had to go to work. He missed all the ‘excitement’ of unpacking one more time, putting the suitcases away (!!), and a marathon trip to Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy kitchen goods, toiletries and all the other vital things we often forget we need (pot holders, toilet paper, hand soap, and on and on and on). Our beloved little Prius has definitely had his work cut out for him over the last week while I’ve visited at least one of the aforementioned shops – as well as various others – for purchases, returns and general research every. single. day.

By Friday evening, we had made some pretty great progress. The only downer so far has been the lead time on our Macy’s orders, containing some fairly important household components – pots & pans and bathroom towels. Until we picked up a set of towels for the guest bathroom over the weekend, we used to pad some fragile items we posted from London.

The weekend was particularly productive – proving teamwork is the best way to accomplish any big task. We bought lots more vital pieces (including a kitchen bin, so we could stop using Target bags as trash bags) and hired a U-Haul to pick up more furniture. We bought the guest bed frame we liked in IKEA, a bookshelf from the same range (our old IKEA bookshelf was the perfect cheap storage solution for our extensive CD library in London – this time the bookshelf even has fancy legs!). After dragging our flat-packs through IKEA (on a Sunday = my own personal version of Hell), we collected a dresser bought at another shop  on Saturday and purchased a TV stand from the same place on the spot– perfectly timed for Monday’s TV delivery.

There are some obvious missing components (err… sofa?), but the house really does look so much more lived in now.




Dining & Living Room




Master Bedroom & Bathroom



Guest Room:


(Progress – nevermind how silly high the mattresses are; we are fixing that tonight by removing the box spring)

Guest Bathroom




(Empty – no change here yet)



  1. It is looking great 🙂

  2. […] the U-Haul last weekend (surprise, surprise – it looks almost identical to our old one – see Moving In progress pictures). As soon as it was in place, we knew we made the right decision, and when the (super thin) TV was […]

  3. […] Since nearing completion on the home decorating front, I’ve been able to spend less time driving and more time doing. Last Thursday, between when Mark left for work and when I posted the September progress pictures, I scrubbed the apartment top to botton (including cleaning the kitchen floor literally on my hands and knees; I find it’s far more effective, especially in corners, compared to plain ole mopping), ironed the guest room linens, worked out, showered, gave myself a mani/pedi, packed for my weekend away and took and edited photos. It was probably my busiest at-home day since move-in week. […]

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