Monthly Archives: August 2012

Pleasant Surprises

Moving to San Diego has been full of pleasant surprises. I guess you could say, moving to San Diego was a pleasant surprise in and of itself, but our luck seems to have extended to most of the settling in, too. Deciding on an apartment and buying a car was much easier than expected. While […]

Buying a TV

Considering said TV was delivered a week ago, this post is a little overdue. After we chose a sofa (again, another overdue post yet to be written), we decided it was safe to order a telly. We aren’t quite videophiles, but we do like a great picture for tv and films. We researched our last […]

Introducing: Patti O’Furniture

Hooray! Our outdoor furniture has arrived… 4 days early! In London, Mark and I had a tiny balcony (it was only a little larger than a Juliet balcony). When he bought the flat, he got a folding table & two chairs set. The space was so small, however, it was awkward to get to one […]

Moving In

Last Thursday, 3 weeks after leaving our flat in London for the last time, we finally moved into our new San Diego abode. Honestly, it seemed like so much longer than 3 weeks, but the calendar doesn’t lie (I’m guessing the 5 weeks we spent in and out of hotels before leaving London had something to do […]

Ready. Set. Shop!

The last week has involved shopping. A lot of shopping. Mark and I probably visited a couple dozen home furnishing/décor/accessory shops, but we made some amazing progress toward stocking our new home. Having sorted an apartment and wheels on days 1 and 2, our next highest priority was a bed. A roof over our heads […]

Homeless No More

Our brief bout of homelessness (ok, hotel-based living) will soon be over! We managed to find and sign a lease for an apartment our first day in San Diego. Pre-move research FTW! I actually nearly signed a lease for this particular complex before we arrived, because it looked so nice on the website. It was […]

Committing the Cardinal Personal Finance Sin

There are some things that financially savvy folks don’t do. Buying a brand new car is one of them (unless you’re very rich). Mark and I, considering ourselves to be knowledgeable in the realms of personal finance, swore up and down we would never, ever buy a new car. But then we did. I’d like […]