Saying Goodbye

Our leaving do was great fun, and a nice way to say goodbye to so many friends and family. 

We originally reserved an area in the Propsect of Whitby’s garden. However, as we are currently in the midst of what I think is the wettest summer on record, sitting outdoors wasn’t really an option. Seeing the forecast and not expecting a miracle, we contacted the pub a few days in advance to move our reserved area indoors. Mark and I arrived to discover they’d booked us a few tables upstairs. Next to a 40th birthday party. With a DJ. Playing Justin Bieber. Errrr…. No thanks.

We found a couple of empty tables strategically placed near the door (easier for our friends to find us) and more importantly not within earshot of the pop monstrosity being played upstairs. As expected, the in-laws arrived first (punctual, as ever) and our other friends trickled in throughout the rest of the afternoon. This worked perfectly, as it gave us a decent amount of time to catch up with most people as they arrived.

The lovely – and delicious – cakes Poppyseed Bakery supplied were ooh’d, aaahh’d and mmm’d about. Mark and I managed to pace ourselves (despite some of our friends’ best efforts) and ended the night relatively sober, even after 8+ hours at the pub and no dinner. Well, at least one of us was quite sober. The other could’ve done with one or two fewer pints 🙂



Pleasantly it was all good-natured fun and excitement rather than too much sadness and emotion. We had enough select moments of misty-eyed “I’ll miss you” declarations to make us feel loved and important but not upset. The more sentimental moments were also all immediately followed by cheery plans to come visit, which was great. We’ve also promised to have at least a 2 bedroom house, so we can accommodate houseguests. Seems casa Osborn in San Diego is going to be a popular spot!


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