I never want to sell property in England again

Finally! We’ve exchanged contracts on the flat!

For anyone who hasn’t bought or sold a house in England, it is possibly the most maddening high-price transaction you can ever do. Our flat ‘sold’ very quickly, but actually getting through the rest of the sales process has been a nearly 3-month ulcer-inducing experience. There is no fixed timeline. No transparency. No central point of contact. It’s chaotic, opaque, stressful and not something that lends itself well to an overseas relocation.

Writing about the process became rather therapeutic, which is likely a more socially acceptable form of dealing with my frustration than the other methods that may have passed through my mind at different points. Considering the length and intricacies of the experience, I’ve broken up the post accordingly.

Part 1: Finding a Buyer

Part 2: Formalities of Selling

Part 3: The Waiting Game

Part 4: Last Minute Stress



  1. […] can be found in: Introduction, Part 1: Finding a Buyer and Part 2: Formalities of […]

  2. […] can be found in: Introduction, Part 1: Finding a Buyer, Part 2: Formalities of Selling  and Part 3: The Waiting […]

  3. […] With that in mind, we decided to list our flat. Much to our delight, it sold within days (though the sale process still took several months), so I decided to resign and start counting down my 3 months to […]

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