And so it begins

Here I am again, making a big move across the Atlantic. This time with a husband and a lot more possessions in tow. When I moved to London 5 years and 2 months ago, I managed to fit everything in about 3 suitcases. Now, as I head back to my motherland, I’ve got 55 cubic feet of ‘stuff’ – mostly comprised (unsurprisingly, for anyone who knows my husband) of Oasis memorabilia and other musical-related goodies, a smattering of home decor, and a couple boxes of clothing. Thankfully the move is something we’ve been preparing for over several months. Several spreadsheets, eBay listings, Gumtree sales and Charity Shop donations have been involved, and we’ve pared down to the essentials (and yes, a complete collection of Oasis albums, singles and vinyls is considered ‘essential’ in our household).

Trans-Atlantic moves have become a somewhat common adventure in my family. First, my maternal grandfather made the move from Wales to the US many, many decades ago. Then, my Dad moved from Hertfordshire to Silicon Valley in the 70’s (leading him to meet my Mum; nearly 35 years later they’re one of the happiest married couples I’ve ever known). I reversed the trend briefly, moving from Colorado to London to be with the the little Brit of my own I met on a semester abroad. But now I’m following suit.

It’s been a great 5 years of life, fun, great friends and countless memories (and – this summer excepting – has not rained nearly as much as most people would have you believe). We’re on to San Diego – a new location (and by new, I mean I have never so much as visited, and Mr O spent a day there about 18 years ago). It’s time for a new city, new weather, new adventures and hopefully great new people.

The shipping crew won’t be here until Wednesday, but of course everything is already boxed and inventoried, and even the suitcases we’ll be taking on our jaunt ’round Europe and the US are ready to go. Today we’re saying goodbye to our London loved ones and celebrate the end of this chapter in the typical English way – in a pub – and we’ll spend the next several days winding down, hanging out, and chasing solicitors in hope of completing the sale of our flat. Patience and letting go of control have never been my strong suit, making selling our Wapping home a testing experience. I’ll admit not having to go to work and spending all day hanging out with my husband makes the waiting game a lot more enjoyable though 🙂


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